06 origin of the vedas and Ayurveda

to the vedic culture, Vedas were written when the world was originated. Lord Brahma wrote the Vedas.

There are four types of Vedas

i. The first section is known as Rig
ii. The second section is known as Yaju
iii. The third section is Saam

The fourth one Atharv contains all the information specified in the other three documents

Saint ved vyas taught these four documents to his students. Each of his students promoted these documents in their own style and manner.

Because of this diversification The original text was divided into further sub-sections.

The above mentioned four vedas had 1131 branches. But now there are only nineteen of them available. None of them were archived.

There are further sub-sections to these documents.These are Ayurveda, Gandharva veda and Arth veda

The other documents in the Vedas are not found in the modern world. There is a very limited text available at present.

The Vedic Belief

The vedic texts were written by experts who made discoveries for the benefit of the public.

They lived in a true society where everyone helped each other for a better life. This is the beauty of Vedas. They are not made to sell you something but only to inform and educate you.

What is Science?
Science is a collection of tested facts.

Vedas are scientific
They are ultimate truth because they are not biased by personal opinion. They are collection of tested facts experienced by the Yogis millions of years ago.

In addition Vedas are not stagnant they evolve. It is mentioned in Charak Samhita that the rules and principles of medicine and treatment will change in due course of time.

All the information in the Vedas come after testing and clinical trials/tests. It is based on reality and not fiction.


We as humans can make our life better by reading the invaluable information contained in these documents. Science and technology makes our life better.

The wisdom of these vedic texts can improve our life quality and bring us joy and happiness.
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Vrinda Jones
January 20, 2014 at 6:32 AM delete

Vedas were produced from the Divine minds of those eternally perfected personalities. They were not like scholars educated in the western sense rather their consciousness was eternally established in the Divine absolute Truth and from there cognized the Vedas. This is the system known as Sanatan Dharm.

December 6, 2014 at 2:55 PM delete

Vedas are ultimate truth to realize and understand the Human life.

NOTICE: This is the exact translation of Charaka Samhita in sanskrit. We have tried our best to replicate the information contained in that book. But we do not hold any responsibility for authenticity of the same. The ideas presented here are not owned by the web master of this site. If you want exact sanskrit Charaka Samhita you can buy from Amazon It costs $300 and is written in Sanskrit.

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