17- Personal hygiene for good health according to ancient Ayurveda

  • kala surma (Maskara) can be applied on eyes to remove dirt and polluted water from the eyes.
  • Must use * rasaut each 5th or 8th day.
  • Eyes are bright and charming.
  • Kapha is not good for the eyes.
  • Its not good to have sticky dirt in the eyes.
  • Surma and Rasaut should not be used in the daytime.

    By above Like gold shines after we rub it with gems eyes become soft, calm and like the moon in the sky.

  • Every year, when there are no clouds in the sky.
  • In sharad and basant season one must put "anu oil" drops in the nose. Oils and ghee are are good for the nose.

  • By doing this your eyes and nose will become stronger.

    The hair and beard moustache retain their black color. By
    doing nasya karma (nose drop activity), one never gets headache, or the adha sisi pain.

  • One must do nasya karma thrice in a week.

  • Everyday rub your teeth branches of trees which are tart, spicy and bitter in taste.
  • Take a small branch and crush it to make it soft.
  • Make sure it does not hurt your gums.
  • Do this in morning before having food and in the night after dinner.
  • Karanj, kaner, aak, maalti etc trees are good for teeth maintainance. Neem and babool tree are popular too.

This procedure cleanse your mouth, teeth and tongue. It pacifies bad odor of the mouth and helps in amnorreha (disinterest in eating).


  • To keep the mouth fresh one must eat jayphal, supari, laung, kapoor, choti ilaichi put all these in paan leaf and chew it.
  • This increases interest in the food. It is a good exercise for the jaw. It cleans the throat. It strengthens the root of the teeth as well.

  • Put oil drops in the ear and you will never suffer from ear related problems like deafness or partial deafness.

One who do head massage with good oil never gets baldness. The hair retain their black color. The oil strenthens the root of the hair.

Body massage with oil
The way a pot becomes shiny after rubbing oil on it. The way leather becomes soft. The way tyre's nuts runs smooth after oiling them.

Human body becomes shiny, soft, strong and able to do hard work.

One who does oil massage everyday never gets much pain from small injuries. Even after hard work there is not much tiredness. The skin becomes softer and beautiful. There is a charm in the skin. He looks a lot younger to his age. Oil helps in reducing wrinkles.

By massaging the oil on the toes, the toes become soft and clean. The feet becomes stronger and it is a good remedy for quick relief from fatigue.

Parimarjan removes all the impurities, harmful bacteria, bad odor etc from the body.

"Parimarjan" is a process of rubbing a rasayana (formulation of herbs). The herbs includes rubbing [[[Ubtan]]] on the skin.

Benefits of bathing: it cleans the skin, removes body odor. It cleanses the blood, increases appetite. It removes fatigue. It makes you alert in the morning. It is good for people suffering from insomnia.

It is one of the important aspect of Dharma. One must bath daily properly.

one must wear soft and clean clothes.

It increases body's beauty. It makes you happy and increases your age. It removes devilish thinking inside us. It keeps you in good mood. It glorifies your looks. A human gets good reputation in the society.

Chandan kesar and other natural scents may be applied on the head. This will keep you happy. It will increase your life span and increase positive vibes in you.

Washing legs, anus, ear, nose everyday improves your intellect. It purifies your soul. It even reduces chances of getting an ailment.

It is important to wash your legs properly as they come in contact with dirt. Dirt contains bacteria and virus. It is important to clean them. One must wash legs before going to bed in the night as well.

One must cut hair, nails and beard. It increases your age. It makes you feel happy.

Sushruta says that one must comb the hair as it removes dust and cleans the hair.

Padatra (shoes)
wearing shoes is beneficial for the eyes. It protects the skin of the feet. It protects from thorns and stones. It strengthens the feet.

umbrella protects you from rain, sand and sunlight. It increases your strength and helps in overall development.

one must not choose a profession which is against dharma(religion). A profession which endangers someone's life or harm the society.

One must read a lot and learn something everyday. One must engage in learning and teaching!
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