25 - Importance of manners and good health

Sadavrata (mannerism)

Maha rishi Atreya tells his desciples about the Sadavrata.

  • One must respect wise men, cow, teacher (guru), Siddha or Acharya (academic instructor). We must worship them.
  • Worship the fire. Always use the best medicines.
  • Take bath two times daily.
  • two times Sandhyopasana (offer prayers to God twice daily)
  • Keep your private parts in the body clean.
  • One must shave at least once in a week.
  • One must wear clothes which are light and should not be torn or dirty.
  • One must wear garland of good smelling flowers.

  • One must live in a get up like that of saints.
  • One must take proper care of the hair. Put oil in the head and feet. In the nose and ears.
  • When you meet someone greet them with kind words, before you initiate any discussion. ONe must always keep a smile on the face.
  • Don't lose your cool when there is a problem. One must do enough charity.

  • DO Yagya (pooja) pray to God and donate a part of your income.

  • Always keep a portion of prasada (offering) from the dogs, patient and devils.

  • Remember your ancestor and pinda dana (donate money) to them.
  • Speak on proper time and always speak positive things. Speak less. Speak sweet. Control your indriyas (senses). Live life according to the Dharma. Try your best at work. Do not expect or think too much about results.

  • One must be determined, Fearless, with some shyness. Intelligent, positive and enthusiastic. one must forgive others easily and one must not be an athiest.

  • One must respect and worship people who are elder to you and expert about any subject. One must keep an umbrella and walk with a stick. One must spend time with the Acharyas (expert in any subject), Wear shoes and hat.

  • While walking always keep an eye upto 1 meter. One must not go to a place where there is dirt, thorn, bones are kept.

  • One must stop exercise before you start feeling fatigue. One must consider all living beings as brother.

  • One must explain things to impatient people with love and kindness. Must help poor and destitute.

  • One must be calm and able to bear harsh words. One must relinquish impatience and anger. ONe must stop enemosity and all the reasons behind it.

  • Never tell a lie. Do not abduct other's money. Don't think about sex with other man's woman. Don't be greedy about other's money. Don't be revengeful. If you keep a company of sinful man or getting an easy opportunity of sin then also abstain from committing a crime or sin.

  • Always serve others. Cater nicely even to those people who disservice to you. IN other words do good to everyone, even to those who want bad things to happen to you.

  • Don't talk about anyone's bad habits. Don't reveal other's secrets. Don't criticize anyone. Don't sit beside anti-nationalal and athiest.

  • Don't sit with Mad, degenerated people and who do abortion, DOn't sit on bad vehicles. Sit on a hard chair which should be at least taller than your knee. Never sleep on a bed which is uneven or it does nt have a bedding on it.

  • Don't go top of mountains. Don't climb the tree. Don't dive into fast running water in the river. Don't sit close to the rivers. Don't walk close to any place which is lit of fire.

  • Fart in a way that there is no sound. Keep your hand in front of mouth while yawning and sneezing. Don't do bad actions with ur body parts.

  • Don't watch high beam lights and impure things. don't stay in temples, open space, roads, crematorium during the nights.

  • Don't enter alone in a house which is closed for a long time. Avoid company of characterless men and women, don't spend time with dancers.

  • Don't take help from criminals.

  • Don't be afraid of anyone, Don't harras anyone. Don't rape anyone.

  • Avoid Sleeping too much, over eating, sleeping very less and too much of drinking water.

  • Bathing
    Don't take a bath until you cool down. Put water on the head first. Don't take a bath all nude.
  • Don't wipe head with clothes that are worn below the waist. Don't wear the clothes that you worn while bathing again.

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