28 - Questions by lord Matreya on treatment

Doubts by Maitreya

Rishi maitreya now raises following issues. He says...

  • Even after proper treatment and good doctor consultation some patients recover BUT some patient's condition becomes worse.

  • If the four factors of treamtent viz doctor, nurse, medicine and patient are all good then there should be no deaths. Each patient must get well. Why that does not happen then. This certainly means that there are other factors apart from four factors mentioned above.

  • The way there is no benefit by putting little water in deep hole. The same way a patient who is just about to die will not be benefited by treatment.

  • Same way if there is always water in the pond and we add a couple of bucket water in it saying that we filled the pond. A patient gets well because of luck or body's immunity that does not mean that it was because of the doctor.

  • If someone thinks that putting one handful of sand into a river will stop the water to flow OR by giving medicines to a patient who is dying. Is mmisconception and won't work.

We can hence conclude that there is some hidden reason behind death and treatment. IT depends upon luck. If a patient is lucky he will get well soon. Otherwise nothing can save him ever.

That's it is fair to say that only treatment can NOT save a patient.

Answers by Lord Atreya....

This is a myth.

Many patients die even after getting all round treatment, This is not true.

The diseases which can get cured by medicines is not a waste. IN other words, a curable disease is cured because of the treatment.

A patient who gets well on his own does not require treatment. Even that is not true. Medicines can help in quicker recovery.

If a person has fallen on the ground. Some support will help him to get up quickly. Similarly with complete treatment a patient recovers in less time.

Some patients die even after getting complete treamtent. One must remember that not all diseases are curable.

The disease that are curable. The disease which have medicines that can cure them are the ones where treatment is successful.

Incurable diseases cannot get cured. No matter how intelligent doctor, he cannot treat a patient who suffers from incurable diseases.

the way a man who practice to shoot bow and arrow daily improves accuracy of a shot. A doctor who practice and learns daily can gain success in curing the diseases.

THat's why this is not correct that treatment is unnecessary.

Curable and incurable diseases

A doctor who knows about curable and incurable diseases and treats according to the situation and place is able to cure the disease.

There should be a good combination of time, medicine for the treatment.

A doctor who tries to treat incurable disease gets a bad name. He loses money. People criticize him and no patient wants to go him. The reason is that an incurable disease leads to death for the patient. But if a doctor tells the relatives of the patient about the incurable condition of the disease then there is nothing wrong with that.

There are two types of curable diseases: easily curable and complex.

Incurable diseases are of two types: yapya and anupkram,

three categories of curable diseases: Alpopay sadhya (easily curable), Madhyampoaya sadhya (with medium effort and time) and utkrishtopaye (long term problems).

Disease that can be treated easily if
- the vata pitta kapha are almost balanced
- there is no complication
- there is only one symptom
- there is only one root cause
- the disease is not old
- the body can bear the medicines

Disease that are curable but with more effort:

- the situation of the disease is average.
- The disease is not very old or chronic.
- Epidemic
- Disease of pregnant women, elderly people and children are also curable.

After a certain age if following dietary restrictions a person is well than it is Yapya disease. one can follow the guidelines and live with it.

If a disease is very complicated, if vata pitta and kapha are all imbalanced and if a person is mentally imbalanced than such person may not be able to cure the diseases.

A clever doctor knows the difference between curable and incurable diseases. He does not misguides people. He does proper treatment.
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