29 - Three Wishes in life and proof of rebirth

Three wishes

a human being has three wishes - health, wealth and spirituality.

Health is most important amongst these. If there is no life the other two are useless.

If a person dies all other wishes and desires are gone. That's a person must try his best to preserve health and follow good routine lifestyle.

An ill person must do everything to cure the disease as soon as possible. A person following the shastra lives for very long and in good health.

After health, a person wishes for money. If a person is long lived but does not have enough money to meet basic needs of the house. He is sinful.

To earn money one can do farming, dairy, business and job in govt. Apart from these any activities which are respectful must be done. This way a man lives for very long. A man who makes money by hard work never criticized by anyone.

After money one thinks about spirituality and life after death.

There is no proof that there is a life after death.

That's why re-birth is not as much valid. There are many statements in the vedas which are self contradictory.

Which state different reasons for rebirth and hence the validity of the thought that re-birth happens is doubtful.

Points on re-birth

The school of thought who denies the existence of individual spirit and who say that it is only because of mother and father a child is born are self contradictory.

If the spirit goes from parents to the child, then how does it occur?

This is an incomplete logic. If some say that a child gets his intellect from father and mother than it is incomplete. The way we cannot divide the spirit one cannot divide the intellect and mind too.

There are four types of birth according to vedas. These are Jarayuj, andaj, swadej and udbhij.

Born completely from mother's womb are Jarayuj, born from egg are andaj, born from spoiled grains etc are swadej trees and plants are udbhijj.

So, we can see that mother and father are not the only way a birth would take place.

The five elements viz air, land, water, sky and fire each has own quality and significance.

The spirit's symptom is thought and knowledge.

The combination of these are the basic reason behind karma. With combination of five elements and spirit one man takes birth and when these are not together a person dies and reborns.

A wise man should trust and believe in rebirth.

There are many things that are virtual and cannot be seen. Many things that exist in this world like the Indriyas, the senses cannot be touched or feel. It does not mean that they don't exist.

We have to assume and make an approximation for some things. There cannot be a very clear and valid proof for everything.

The same is with rebirth.

There are many things that we feel and see that may or not be located near us. There are many thoughts that come from no where. There is no reasoning behind how exactly they exist, they do not exist in the form of some solid proof.

It does not mean that if there is no solid touchable proof then the thing does not exist.

The way we don't listen to music when we are thinking about something else, the way we cannot see a bird flying too far in the sky, the way we don't notice a painting because we are thinking about something else.

Same way we may not be able to see or find exact proof for rebirth, yet re- birth exist. A wise man should believe in wise truth.

The spirit is not created by anyone. It is not created by God. The pancha mahabhoota are just root of the intellect and not how spirit is formed.

NO action can take place without a reason.

Any work has three important factors associated with it.
  1. The doer,
  2. action and
  3. carrier of doing it.

WIthout the doer the action won't take place. The carrier is just one of the things used in the action. Without the doer nothing can happen.

Similarly without the chetana (the conciousness of the spirit) a body (carrier) cannot come into life.

We must accept the existence of spirit. It is not made up of matter but it is virtual and cannot be seen or touched.

But that does not mean that only that can be seen or touched exists in the world like we discussed before.

People who are ahiest who say that everything happens just because of a co incidence. Then for them there is no validity for test and thing that could be tested.

No doer, no reason, no Lord, no rishi, no karma, no fruits of the karma and non- existance of the spirit.

If there is nothing than the concept of athiesm in itself is void.

There is no sin as big as being athiest. A person who does not believe in Him, the God and rebirth, karma etc engages himself into wrong activities.

A wise man should believe in the existence of Atma, the spirit and the Paratma the God. He should keep company with wise men with whom he can learn about the existance of chetana and experience knowledge.
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Decent Duck
May 8, 2011 at 4:48 AM delete

how could you say that to an atheist.. how??
have you no respect.

October 1, 2011 at 10:40 PM delete

it is not my personal view @ decent duck.

secondly, i do think athiest are people who tend to be

more worried about things

someone who believes in karma and God makes sure that he does not harm anyone.

there are exceptions but in general that's the case..

John Roman
October 20, 2011 at 8:31 AM delete

A justification for all religion that doesn't hold water PP....Many believers in the christian, muslim, hindu gods harm many others through words and actions. It doesn't matter that you say you believe in God.

November 12, 2011 at 12:11 AM delete


that is not religion, that is imperialism.

September 4, 2012 at 12:36 PM delete

Good website. Very very useful idea, to present Ayurveda in easy language. One Suggestion- I think each of your question-answer derives directly from Ayurvedic Grantha, so why not to give reference (i.e. Shloka, Adhyaya no. etc.) after every fact (or at footnote of each article). It will make your website a Real Gem on the Internet!

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