30 - proof of birth continued...

THe knowledge that exists

There are two type of things in the world. One is
  1. Sat (true, that exists)
  2. asat (false, that does not exists)exists and void, that does nt exist)

We can identify them via four ways:

1. Aptodesha - As told by gurus
2. Pratyaksha- When we can see or toch them (direct)
3. Anumaana- approximation
4. yukti - tark - combination test

People who have with knowledge and Tapa have freed themeselves from Tamasik and Rajasik gunas. They know about past present and the future. THey always tell the truth. Why would they tell any lie.

There are three types of Gunas: (qualities) for everything that exist in the world these are

  • Rajoguna - one who engages in luxury and passion in life.
  • Tamaguna - grief, sorrow, negative attitude, impurities etc.
  • Satvaguna - the truth, living a simple life, benefecial for everyone.

A person who is free from Rajoguna and Tamaguna is free from attachment and enemosity from anything. He is free from assumptions and he is not a narcissist. He tells the truth.

This type of man is always truth loving. We must believe them.

Pratyaksh -
the information that we get from touching, smelling, feeling in "relation" to Indriya is pratyaksh or direct experience.

The relation he means that the experience flows down from Spirit to intellect, than to indriyas and respective senses.

Anumaan - Assumption

When we see smoke we assume there must be fire somewhere. When we see a woman pregnant we assume that she must have had sex. when we see a seed we can predict the fruit or the tree that will grow from it.

So we may not see the original thing but because we see the result we can make an assumption that that thing is happening.

Yukti tark - test

when we rub two dry wood pieces together it results into fire. We hence can know that friction creates fire.

Hence, with yukti we understand dharma, artha (meaning), kama etc

A combination of wise doctor, patient, nurse and medicine results into pacification of the disease.

These were the four types of tests from which we can understand the existance of anything.

Aptopdesh -

Expert comments on Rebirth by gurus

Vedas are the expert.

Other texts and shastras are the gurus or the aptopdesha or the expert comments.

These are written by people who were free from Rajaguna and Tamaguna. They understood the Atma and Paratma. The spirit and the lord.

these texts tell us about chartiy, yoga, truth, nonviolance, celebacy and moksha.

We must put our trust into them, believe what is written in them.

[ comment:
when we go to some learned man we believe and trust in what he says, similarly we must believe in the vedas and shastras like Charak Samhita]

These expert gurus agree with the concept of rebirth, hence we must believe in them.

In ancient times, the rishis and munis who spent their time in chant and pooja. Who had no worry anxiety fear and raja and tama guna. They had no love, passion, ego for anything. They realized Him because of their Tapa. Such people from their astral projection have understood and believed in existance of rebirth.

Pratyaksh- direct proof-
In real too we have noticed that in many cases children are different from their parents. Beautiful parents can have ugly children and vice versa.

Parents may be very intelligent but they might have idiot children and vice versa.

Brother and sister born from same womb are different in their color, body size , structure and qualities.

SOmeone is born in rich family some is born in poor. Some are happy and some are very sad. Some lives for longer and some die soon.

When a child is born no body teaches him to cry, eat and breathe.

After education two children have different way of application. Some children remember their past life too.

All this is because of the sanskar (karma and rites) of the past life.
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