33 - Vata dosha - Vata means air - Kapha and pitta

Vata AKA vaayu , air

the qualities and karma of Vata Dosha

in the twelth chapter of charak samhita Maharishi Aatreya explains the importance of Vata and its qualities.

To discuss these qualities there were seven maharishis set up a meeting to discuss it.

All these saints put their thoughts on Vata

  • Sankrayataan rishi said first: Vata is dry, light, cold, friction and soft.

  • Kankayana rishi agreed to sankrayatana and said that one can use opposite of these qualities to bring balance in vaayu.

  • Then vayovird rishi said:
    What you say is correct, but let me explain the medium of air in the body and karma how vata occurs in the body. Vayu helds in different parts of the body.

    Prana, udaana, samana, vyaana, and apana these are five locations.

    Prana vayu is:
    forehead, chest, throat, tongue, mouth, and nose. THe karma or action of these are eyes, nose, and knowledge gaining. Control the breathing and swallowing of the food and water.

    udaana vaayu places:
    navel point, chest, and nose. Its action is sound's quality, charm of the face, strength, color and oils in the veins.

    Samana vaayu
    the place close to the digestive fire spot. Karma or the action are to digest the food and move it towards the bottom.

    Vyaana vaayu's places are:
    heart and complete body. it controls the whole body. It effects the blinking of eye lashes, yawning, taste of food and sweating.

    Apana vaayu
    the area below the waist, anus, sexual organs and testicles. Its karma are: urine and stool passing, and other organs of the women which help in child coming out of the body.

    Vaayu or the air controls the whole body. It regularizes the thoughts of the mind and intellect.

    It makes the senses interested in any their respective karma and subjects.
    It generates the all metals in the body right from blood to semen.

    Ear and skin can absorb the air. FOr instance the vibration in the air is understood by the ear as sound. The skin feels the breeze.

    Air is the cause of happiness and excitement.

    It is the primary energy that helps in detoxification of the body.
    It creates the position of child in the womb.
    These are all the karmas of balanced vaayu or vata.

Dibalance of Vata or the air
when the air is disbalanced in the body it creates different types of problems which effect our strength, color and health.

It can also become a cause of abortion, grief, fear, sadness passion, speaking nonsense and other such imbalances are created when air is imbalanced.

The vata is not literal term of air, the air that our skin feels. The vayu or vata is essentially vibration or the energy that flows around anywhere. It could be magnetic or electric waves. Don't get confused Vata or Vayu is a concept and air is just a part of it.

Vata is something that flows.

Air is considered as God is hindu mythology. It is the reason how we are born. It gives life and kills too.

There are different names of the strengths of air viz death, prajapati, aditi andvishwakarma/.

It is the ruler. It exist in the most smallest and most largest forms. The various names given to the air signifies its strength and qualities.

How is Air related to health?
After listening to all this Marichi asked all this is fine, but why are we discussing how does it all information relate to medical science?

We are discussing medical system. What's the use of natural air's quality discussion.

Then Vaayuvirda replied:
if a doctor does not understand the qualities of the air, OR vata or the vaayu then how would he know how to protect or pacify it?

In an epidemic air plays a very important. It is because of the air that the infection spreads from one man to other.

Then marichi said, yes! the fire and the vata when disbalanced creates ailments in the body.

After listening to Marichi, Kapa rishi said that Kapha is responsible for prositive or negative effects in the body.

After listening to Rishi Kapa, Lord Atreya said :

you are all correct in your own ways. But all three kapha, vata and pitta are equally important for good health.

The way dharma, artha and kaama are responsible for salvation the similar way vata, pitta and kapha are important for good health.

If all of them are balanced then a person enjoys good health and energy. But if any of them is aggrevated than it creates problems diseases and ailments.
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