35 - Obestiy and underweight reasons | how to lose or gain weight

Obese and thin are the most condemnable type of people. Obese have eight types of Doshas or imbalances.

Obese people:

- they are not active
- they have less sexual strength
- they are weak
- they have body odour
- they sweat a lot
- they feel lot of hunger and thirst

Reason for being obese or over weight
- eating too much
- heavy and sweet
- cold and oily foods
- not engaging in sexual activities
- sleep during the day
- happy all the times
- those who don't do thinking work
- genetic and family reasons

There is a lot of fat in obese people and because of bad habits and routines and factors mentioned above the weight keeps on increasing, only the fat increases and not other metals in the body. So these people have short life.

Fat is lose, soft and heavy that's why obese people are not active. That's the reason why they have less semen and decreased sexual power.

Because of toxins in the body, the person feels weak. Because of the fat he sweat a lot and cause body odour. The digestive fire is strong, the person feels lot of hunger and thirst.

Because of the fat the Vata or the vaayu increases the digestive fire inside the body. It also makes the food dry. Hence, the food is digested very soon and person starts feeling hungry. After sometime when this situation continue a person suffers from different kind of ailments and problems.

Because of increased fire and vata it increases the problems of an obese man. These burn his body like the fire in the jungle.

An obese man is more prone to diabetes abscess, fever, piles and they suffer from these diseases and die.

Because of too much of fat and muscles in the body. A person whose body part moves that person is an obese.

Reasons for being Underweight Or too skinny!
Because of fasting, eating dry fruits, eating dry foods, eating less and over burdening by speaking, thinking and physical labour.

Too much of grief, not attending natural urges. Not sleeping on time. Those who don't do oil massage. Whose are parents are thin, the child are also thin.

Ailments of old age and anger, A thin man cannot do hard work or engage into physical activity. He cannot optimum amount of food. He cannot sustain for much time out of hunger and thirst.

He cannot bear extreme weather both hot and cold.

A thin man is prone to enlargement of spleen. Cough and cold and tuberclosis, asthma, piles, indigestion and problems of the stomach.

A person who has not much muscles and fat on the body. You can notice the nerves and bones, he is a scrawny or a thin man.

Problems for being over weight and under weight
Both obese and underweight people suffer. They must try to balance out their problems.

Being thin is better than being overweight. In other words an obese suffer more problems as compared to under weight man.

A person who has balanced amount of muscles and fat in the body has the endurance for hardships. He can endure hunger and thirst. He has good digestion and can engage into sexual activities.

An obese man should not eat food that oily, heavy and makes you feel full. A thin man must eat light food which makes you feel full soon.

Obese man must consume honey and a thin man must consume food that it easyt o digest.

Thin people's digest power is less and slow.

Treatment for obesity and underweight
People who are obese should eat food which decreases vata, kapha and fat. SHould take warm enemas, should apply dry ubtan on the skin. Should eat rice, arhar ki daal, moth, Giloy, nagarmotha, honey, barley , amla etc is very helpful in losing weight. soup of arni with shilajit herb is also helpful.

If you want to lose weight you must remain active. You must do thinking work and remain active. But you should slowly and gradually increase the amount of work you do.

If you do that you will be able to reduce weight without any side effects.

ONe can gain weight by:

- lot of sleep and happiness.
- patience, don't get angry on small things
- peacefulness
- not overburden physical activity
- dont engage into too much of sexual activity.
- meet your friends and family
- look at beautiful things in the nature rivers, mountains beaches

A thin man must eat fresh crops, fresh drinks. He must live in the villages. Must consume birds and animals, meat soup, curd, ghee, milk, sugarcane juice and shali rice, wheat and jaggery. All these kinds of foods should be eaten. He should take oil enemas and massage. Should apply oily ubtan on skin. Should also apply scents and oils. Should wear flower garlends and wear white clothes.

If you do not engage into lot of hard thinking and stress you can gain weight.
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Thank you for great job!
Can you include the number of chapters and shlocas(maybe chapters only) from original book in your translation?

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