42 - Origination of the rasas

In this chapter it is explained how the rasas originate from the pancha mahabhootas

The water falling from the sky has qualities of moon. They are soft, cool and without any taste.

When this water mixes with the elements located on the earth. Viz, plants, animals etc they attain different rasas.

So the rasas or the tastes originate in the body.

Salt: from land and fire
Air and Fire: Bitter
Air and sky: spicy
air and land: Acidic

Qualities of different type of Rasas and their karma (action)

The rasas which have more air and sky, move upwards. The rasas that have more of land and water move downside. If there is a combination of fire/air/land then they move in both sides.

Sweet rasa:
Because sweet rasa is beneficial for human body. It helps in increasing blood, bone marrow, bone, and semen. It increases age.

It pacifies all the five indriyas, mind and knowledge senses. It improves the color of the skin. IT pacifies pitta, poison and air. It pacifies thirst. It is beneficial for skin, hair and throat.

It makes the body . It pacifies inflammation. It is liked by ants and insects. It is cold and heavy.

Irrespective of these qualities of sweet rasa. Too much consumption of this Rasa can be harmful. It can bring fat in the body.

Make you feel Lethargy, too much sleepy and heavyness in the body. It can cause amnorrhea (disinterest). It can have a negative impact the digestive power.

A person who eats too much sweet may suffer from diseases related to elephant foot, eye problems, asthma. All these disease occur due to increased Kapha.

In other words if you eat a lot of sweet kapha in the body increase. Too much of it can create problems.

However, it is good in limited quantities. Too much of it can cause side effects.

Khatta Aml rasa:

Helps in improving the appetite, strenghening the body. It wakes up your mind, in other words it makes it active.

It also strengthens the indriyas or the senses. it increases the energy and power. It decreases vayu or the air. It brings saliva in the mouth and pacifies heart.

It helps in digestion process. It gives satisfaction to the eater. It is light warm.

TOo much use side effect:
- pain the teeth
- increase thirst.
- reduces kapha in the body
- increases pitta
- Pollutes the blood
- causes inflammation
- cause fatigue

People who are weak get inflammation. It can cause septic infection in the wounds. It can cause irritability in the throat, chest and heart. So, one should eat sour food very limited quantities.

In ayurveda it is specified most of the sour foods are harmful if taken more than limited quantities.

Salt rasa

Salt taste has following qualities..

- helps in digestion
- increase appetite
- imbalances of the kapha
- helps in treatment of joint ache, constipation
- Balancing three doshas

It is enemy of all the other 5 rasas. I other words if you put too much salt in any food it will dominate.

It increase saliva in the mouth and aid digestion. It helps in increasing hunger and develop interest in eating.

It is neither too heavy nor too light. It is slightly warm. TOo much consumption of salt creates a number of problems. It increases blood pressure it can also increase the pitta.

It can cause heart problems. It makes one feel thirsty if taken in high quantities.

It can cut the flesh. It can melt the epilepsy wounds. It increases the effect of poison. It is harmful for teeth and makes them fall. It can cause impotency. It decreases the strength of senses. It creates wrinkles on the skin and make the hair white.

It can cause baldness and ithching on the skin.

Spicy rasa:
It helps in purifying the mouth. It helps in increasing the appetitite and digestive fire.

It dries up the food in the stomach.

Brings water from nose and eyes. It instigate the senses. It cures bloating, sweating and undigested food in the gut. It increases the appetite. Pacifies itching. cures Fissures and infection.

It helps in thinning the blood. Reduces kapha.

It is light warm and dry.

Too much consumption of this rasa can cause problems like impotency.

It can cause
- too much passion
- fatigue
- underweight
- bend a person's back
- cause Asthma.
- irritation in the throat.
- increase temperature of the body.
- decreases energy
- cause thirst.
- cause pain in the leg and shoulders.

Tikt or kadwa (bitter)
Nobody likes bitter rasa or taste. BUt it helps in creating interest in eating.

It pacifies effect of a poison. It pacifies itching, inflammation, it cures epilepsy and pacifies thirst.

It strengthens the muscles and and skin of the body. IT can cure fever, increases digestive power. Helps in purification of blood and mother's milk.

It dries up oil bone marrow, fat, sweat, uring, feaces and kapha and pitta.

It is dry and light.

Too much consumption can cause:
- dried up semen.
- weak muscles
- bone and bone marrow
- it can make the skin wrinkled.
- decreases energy
- makes person thin.
- cause Vata diseases

KAshayla or Kashaya rasa
Helps in pacifying or balancing the tri-Doshas.

It helps in contracting the body part. Helps in Stop bleeding. Helps in curing the acne and cure the wounds.

It is dry cool and heavy. It can soak up water/moisture in the body

Too much consumption can dry up the mouth. Can cause bloating. It dries the tongue it can contract the intestines and even block them. It can make a person impotent. It causes constipation. Causes pain in the stomach.

It makes the body thin. Increases thirst and Vata Diseases.

Usage of different rasas in the body in optimum and balanced quantity can improve the health. Abuse may lead to problems.

A wise man must consult a good doctor and under his guidance must consume these.

Identification of Rasas

Sweet rasa is sticky. It makes you feel full, happy and stick in the mouth.

When you put it in the mouth. It makes feel sticky and tasty.

Cirtus Acidic
when put in the mouth it brings saliva in the mouth. It helps in creating intereste in the food.
After eating food you can use it to freshen up the mouth's taste.

Lavana or Salt
brings saliva in the mouth and makes it wet. Can cause inflammation.

Spicy Rasa
can cause inflammation on the tongue, throat etc.

It causes irritation in the eyes, ears and water starts flowing from the nose.

Tikt Rasa:
It is not liked by everyone.

It eradicates the stickyness in the mouth caused by sweet.

It causes goosebumps.

Kashaya rasa
makes the tongue dry. It can make throat dry and dries up the heart.

All rasas are identified only after putting them in contact with the tongue.
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