45 - Detailed type of foods and their benefits

Type of foods

There are twelve categories of eatables:

  1. Shookdhanya (staple grains)
  2. Shamidhanya (Pulses and beans)
  3. Meat
  4. Vegetables
  5. Fruits
  6. Roots
  7. alcohol
  8. water
  9. milk
  10. sweet juices
  11. liquid drinks
  12. Substances used to cook/roast food

Detail explanation:

There are fifteen types of rice. The best is Shali rice, it is red color. They grow in Hemanta season.

Rice grow in summer and rainy season are good for health too. They bring a balance in the body. White saathi rice is the best amongst these. It is cool, light sweet and balances three doshas.

Rice that grow in rainy and winter seasons are sweet but cause acidity. They are heavy.

Kodon and Sama rice are both sour and sweet, they are light. they increase Vata and tie up up the bowels.

Barley is dry and causes lose motions. It pacifies kapha and gives energy to the body. It is beneficial for the body.

Wheat is important for reconstruction of cells in the body. It is sweet and cool. It pacifies vata. It gives energy. It balances vata and air. It is heavy.

Eatables that grow as beans and pulses are Shamidhanya.

Moong or the green pulse is salty and sweet. It is dry, cold, light and pacifies kapha and pitta. It is best food in all the pulses.

Urada pulse increases semen, pacifies vata and increases energy. It is sticky, warm and heavy. It increases bowel's size. It improves potency of a man.

Raajma makes lose stools and tasty. causes acidity. Increases Vata, is dry and heavy. It is salty and sweet in Rasas (taste).

Motha is sweet in taste. It ties up the bowel. Is dry and cool. It is good in fever, and acid problems.

Gram lentils peas are light and cause dryness in the body. THey are beneficial in acidic ailments. Their Soup is beneficial for treatment of acidity. Masur ties up the bowels.

Sesame is smooth and warm. Sweet, tart, and bitter four tastes. It is good for the skin. It helps in increasing strength.

Beans are heavy and warm. Causes dryness. It decreases body's strength. Only strong people must eat it along with Ghee or Oil.

Tur lentil helps in decreasing Kapha and Pitta. It increases Vata, can cause bloating as well.

Meat category:
Goat's meat is not very cold, heavy and not very oily. It is very much like human flesh. It is hence easily digestible and increases muscles in the body.

Sheep meat is cold and heavy. It also increases body's muscle. It increases energy in the body.

Cock's meat is smooth, warm and increases semen. It increases flesh in the body. Increases strength, pacifies vata dosha and causes sweating.

Pegeon meat is tart, sweet, pure dry and light. It is good medicine for typhus.

Jungle pegeon's meat is lighter. It tightens the bowel.

Rabbit's meat is tart-sweet. Pure, dry, cold, beneficial and light. It is a good laxative and dieuretic. (Urine flow)

Buck black color meat is similar to rabbit's meat and pacifies three doshas. It is a good laxative and diuretic too!

Carp fish is beneficial for health. It is easily digested and increases strength.

All fish are heavy, warm and sweet. Increases strength and muscle. They increase semen in the body. But they aggrevate kapha and pitta.

Pork has lot of fat in it. Hence, it increases oils and muscle on the body. It increases semen. It energizes the body after fatigue. It pacifies vayu or the vata, increases strength, tasty causes sweat and very heavy.

Tortoise's meat improves skin color. It pacifies Vata, increases Semen and energy. It is beneficial for patient suffering from diseases.

Beef is good for common cold, fever, dry cough and dry ailments. It energizes the body.

Buffalow meat is smooth, warm and heavy. It increases semen. It makes the body stronger and increases muscle mass. It makes one feel sleepy.

Meat and flesh are the best foods to make the body stronger. None other food is as good as flesh to gain strength.

Vegetable category:
Bathua's leaves is mild laxative and balances the three doshas. Poi's leaves is laxative, increases kapha, semen and cold.

Aloe vera, chirayta, kakeeda, baingan, karela and neem's leafs pacify kapha and pitta. These are bitter in taste.

Leaf of beans and lenits, potato leaf, kachnaar, kamal naal, kaashiphala, are heavy and dry, They cause bloating. You must boil these and seperate the soup and mix oils and ghee in it.

Bargad, goolar, peepal, kamal etc are astringent. They stop bleeding and diarhhea. They are beneficial in dysentry.

Giloye pacifies vata. Bel's leaf pacify vata. Lady finger's leaves pacify vata and pitta.

Seasame and arandi's leaves increase air, bitter, sour and spicy. These are laxatives and diuretic.

Kheera and kakdi is sweet, heavy. A ripe kakdi provides comfort in inflammation and thirst.

Bottlegourd is laxative, dry, cool and heavy.

melon is like bottlegourd, it is beneficial in loose motions.

Petha is acidic dierutic and laxative. It balances the three doshas.

Lotus leaves are salty and pacify blood abnormalities and acidity. Dates is a good medicine for tuberclosis and pacify pitta. Root of lotus, kuseru and singhada is heavy and cause bloating. They cause constipation and cool.

Kamalgatta is a little astringent. It pacifies pitta and acidity.

Viradikanda gives life strength. Increases muscle mass, semen and good for the throat. It nourishes and strengthens the body. It is dieuretic, cool and sweet.

Sarso leaves aggrevates three doshas. It ties bowel and urine, causes constipation and urine.

SArpachatraka, kukurmutta, khumbi, guchhi, dhingri etc cause cold, sweet and heavy.

Grapes pacifies thirst and reduces inflammation. Good in fever, asthma, acidity, tuberclosis, throat problems.

Helps in curing amnorrhea and bad taste in the mouth. It is good in cough. It increases muscles, semen. It is smooth and cool. It is the best fruit.

Khajoor is sweet, increases muscles, semen. Is heavy and cool. It is good to cure wounds, inflammation and vata, pitta. Phalsa and mahua is good in vata pitta conditions. Falsa must be ripe.

Cocunut products increase body's muscle, they are smooth, serene, sweet and strength givers.

Kamarakha is sweet and sour. It causes abdominal gas. Is heavy and cool. It increases pitta and kapha. It cleanse the mouth. Sour fruits increase the pitta in the body.

Ripe aalobukhara is not too warm. It is heavy, slighty sweet and tasty. It increases muscles. It is easily digested.

Unripen kaitha is medicine for poison. It cleans the throat and causes constipation. Because it has various rasas in it, it helps in developing interest in food.

Ripe kaitha pacifies vata and kapha. Causes constipation and is heavy.

Bel ripen is not easily digested. It increases doshas in the body.

Unripe mango increases vata and pitta in the body. Ripe mango pacifies vata. It increases muscles, semen and energy.

Jamun is astringent and sweet. Is heavy and cool. It reduces pitta and kapha.

Sweet ber is sweet and smooth. A good laxative. Pacifies vata and pitta.

Apple is sweet and acidic. It causes constipation.

Ripe katahala, banana and khirani a little sour, smooth and heavy. Tendu fruit is kapha pitta pacifier and very light.

Amla contains all the seven Rasas except Salt. Excessive sweat, It is a good medicine for increased fat and moisture in the body. It is best kapha and pitta pacifier.

In ayurveda Amla is considered as a best rasayana (tonic). It has large content of vitamin C . It does not loses its impotency even after drying up. Chyawanprash and brahmi rasayana are based on Amla.

BAheda juice cures diseases related to blood, muscles and fat.

Pomegranate sour, sweet and tart ties up the stool and increases digestive power. It is smooth and warm. It is very good for the heart. It is very tasty. Sour pomegranate causes dryness in the body. Sweet pomegranate pacifies pitta. Sweet is the best.

Ripe tamarind is dry and warm. Is beneficial in vata and kapha diseases.

Amalavata is similar to Tamarind.

Bijaura's seed is like kesar. It is light and pacifies vata. It is good medicine for pain caused by imbalanced vata and kapha, indigestion, amnorrhea, constipation, belching, cough, asthma and vomiting.

Oranges have good smell and are sweet and sour. It pacifies air and is heavy.

Dry fruits like Badam, pista, akhrot are smooth, sweet and pacify vata. Increase semen, muscle and kapha pitta.

Chiraunji is similar to badam etc.

Gonda increases kapha, sweet, cool and heavy.

Karunda (cranberry) increases air in the stomach. Causes constipation. Small oranges are like that too. They are sour.

Eggplant pacifies vata. helps in improving digestive fire.

Peepal, bargad and goolar fruits are tart, sweet, acidic, increase vata and heavy.

Ginger is tasty, increases digestive fire and semen. Ginger juice is helpful in stomach ailments. It pacifies vata and kapha. It is called as vishva bheshaj, in other words it is beneficial in all ailments.

Pudina or peppermint is tasty. Increases digestive fire. Is spicy, good smell and helps in purification of the mouth. It pacifies kapha and vata. It kills the germs in the stomach and helps in digestion.

unripe Radish pacifies doshas. Ripe radish causes imbalances. Bhujiya made in ghee and oil pacifies air or vata. Dry radhish reduces kapha and vata.

Holy basil cures belching, cough, poison and pain in the chest. It eradicates mouth odour.

Ajwain and rayi are tasty, good for the heart and delicious. They reduce pitta.

Dhaniya and ajmod are tasty and have good smell. They increase the doshas.

Carrot ties up the stool. It is good for curing piles. It is beneficial for pitta people.

Onion increases kapha and pacify vayu or air. It is mixed in other vegetables. It gives energy, tasty and heavy.

Garlic kills the germs. It cures the white and other type of epilepsy. Enlargement of spleen. It helps in increasing semen.


All types of alcohol are warm and sour. They increase stomach acid.

Alcohol benefits thin people and people suffering from constipation and piles. It can open up the stopped urine.

Beer is good for belching, cough, cold, constipation. It pacifies Vata.

Beer made from rice cures wounds, swelling, bloating, iit is dry and warm.

Aarishta made from rotten substances heals inflammation, piles, constipation, jaundice, amnorrhea, fever etc. They are tasty and enable the digestive fire.

Alcohol (made from sugar) is tasty, causes hangover. It helps in digestion of the food. It is good for heart.

Prakva ras (made from sugarcane juice) is tasty, increases digestive fire. Good for inflammation and and piles. It normalizes side effects of over consumption of ghee or oils. It improves skin color.

Alcohol made from jaggery cleansing effect on the intestines. Increases digestive fire.

Aasava cause severe hangovers. They reduce vayu and are tasty.

Adhvasava is spicy and reduce the kapha.

Maraiya (mixture of aasava and adhvasava) is spicy, sweet and yellow.

Alcohol made from dhay flowers is happy giving, tasty and increases digestive fire.

Alcohol made from grape or sugarcane juice is like Adhwasava.

Drakshasava made from Munakka is beneficial for heart and gives strength.

Alcohol made from Barley is dry and warm. INcreases Vata and Pitta. It causes bloating.

Sauvirik and tushodaka are good for increasing digestive power . Good for heart disease, jaundice and kills germs of the stomach.

Soup made from boiling radish is called Allkajika. It can used as an oinment to reduce inflammation and fever. It pacifies kapha. It is a laxative.

New alcohol increases Doshas of the body. Old wine and alcohol is good for health and benefits the digestive power. It is tasty as well.

all alcohol cause happyness and provide nourishment to the body. They reduce anger, and grief. They pacify fatigue.

They make a person active and nourish the body.

One must drink alcohol in limited quantities to get the full benefit. Keeping this in mind one can benefit from alcohol.
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